“Having attended a child arrangements First Directions hearing without representation and found the experience overwhelming and stressful, I was reluctant to do so again as part of my financial settlement hearing. However I did not want to pay unnecessary fees to lawyers for a First Directions hearing.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin Rutter of Prime Law Services Limited as a professional “McKenzie friend” representative. He was empathetic and understanding of my concerns, happy to answer all my questions regarding the court process and gave me confidence and support I needed to get me through what would otherwise have been a very stressful and difficult hearing.”

- Shabina from Reading

"Having found myself suddenly in a dispute with my employer at the time I was 7 months pregnant, I felt I had no courage and self-esteem to deal with my employment issue on my own. On the other hand, I did not want to end up paying for expensive legal advice needlessly.

I would highly recommend Martin Rutter of Prime Law Services LTD as he gave me the courage to start dealing with the situation, guided me through all the hurdles along the way and helped me visualise the positive solution to my situation. He was very professional, resourceful and available to answer all my questions immediately, but most importantly, made me feel that I am not alone."

- Cecilia from Wokingham